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Happy Book Birthday To 'If My Hair Had A Voice'

‘If My Hair Had A Voice,’ a picture book I illustrated last year, is officially available for sale from today! Written by Dana Marie Miroballi and published by Beaming Books ,it tells the story of Kimya, a biracial girl who’s on a quest to understand and appreciate her natural, afro-textured hair.

I knew that I had to illustrate this children’s book as soon as I read the first page of the manuscript! On that page, Kimya's grandmother attempts to part her luscious curls when the comb she's using breaks. I just found this so relatable since my curly afro-textured hair has broken many a comb both as a child and as an adult. I can also relate to Kimya's feeling of dismay when it happened and her questioning whether she should keep her hair curly or straighten it.

opening spread: first page shows Kimya sitting between her grandmother's knees getting her hair parted, second page: close-up vignette of broken comb and a third vignette of Kimya looking sad
The first pages of 'If My Hair Had A Voice'

Luckily for Kimya, her grandmother encourages her to embrace and celebrate her texture. This leads her on a journey where she discovers a the historical and cultural importance of hair in black communities across the world. 

It's a beautiful and heartwarming story and I can't wait for more people to read it!

For more information about If My Hair Had A Voice, check it out on Beaming Books' website here.

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